CanadianPostal Codes

At CanadianPostal Codes you can search the CanadianPostal Codes to send mail and looking up CanadianCities and CanadianAddresses Postal Codes. The Postal Code is a unique number that distinguishes cities accross the world. Almost every country uses a Postal Code sytem.

The postal code can be formed by using letters and/or numbers; it all depends on the standard chosen by the country.

CanadianPostal Codes

In Canada, the postal codes are usefull to organize the mail delivery process. Germany was the first into use the system, followed by the US, in the 60's.

CanadianPostal Code Provinces

Popular ZIP code areas:

loc: 13370 king george highway surrey bc ca 1884 davenport road 875 wonderland rd s 778 broadview avenue 1810 albion road etobicoke 3380 barnstead lane vernon postal code 372 bay street 2060 quingate place 525 dalgleish drive kamloops plum coulee postal code